MOMS Club® of Waldorf NW, MD


Dues: Our dues are $20 a year to pay for meeting space, newsletters, supplies,
programs, and our national dues.  You may attend up to two general meetings or activties not held in a member's home before deciding to become an official member.  We understand that
being a mother-at-home often means a tight family budget, so if the dues would
be a hardship for your family, please talk to one of our officers.

Monthly Meetings: We meet for our Business Meeting monthly.  We strive to have an active program at each meeting, including speakers and other programs of interest.  A Craft Coordinator plans a special project for the kids each month and we provide toys to give the children something to do.  Snacks for kids and parents are provided by members on a volunteer basis.

Contact Us: Use the contact form above or email our Membership VP at