MOMS Club® of Waldorf NW, MD


Q.  Who can become a member?
  All stay-at-home mothers who live in one of the following Charles County zip codes: 20601 (West of Route 301), 20603 (West of Middleton Road), or 20616 or Prince George's County zip codes: 20601 or 20607.  If you are a stay-at-home dad or other adult caring for children on a continuous basis, please email us about membership possibilities. 

Q.  What does "staying at home" mean?
A.  Our definition of "staying at home" means that you either stay home full-time,  work part-time outside of the home, or have your own home-based business.

Q.  Are there age requirements for my child(ren)?
A.  No, there are no age restrictions. Some moms will join immediately after giving birth to their first child; others may have one or more older children. You don't have to leave the group when your children enter school (we know you still need support as your children grow!). However, the majority of the children in our chapter tend to be between the ages of 0 and 7.

Q.  After I join, will I be required to do anything specific?
A.  No.  As long as you pay and maintain your dues of $20 per year, there are no other requirements, although we hope you will make the most of your membership by getting involved in service  projects, playgroups or attending events right away.  Once you and your child make friends, we feel certain you'll want to participate as much as possible.

Q.  Once I join, how do I find out about upcoming events?
A.  We publish our events in our monthly newsletter.  Generally, the person hosting the event will send out a notification email and RSVP request a few days prior to the event.  This will provide all the pertinent information.  Additionally, we have a private Facebook group where events can be posted; if you are a Facebook user, you will be invited once you become a member.  A monthly newsletter is provided to each member at the Business Meeting and a copy is emailed after the meeting by the Secretary.  Each newsletter will contain a letter from the President, membership notices, birthdays and membership renewals, health and wellness tips, featured recipes and crafts, national recall notices, events of interest in the greater Waldorf and Southern Maryland community and a calendar of events.

Q.   I am currently a member of a  MOMS Club® chapter in my hometown, but will  soon be moving to Charles County. Can my dues transfer to  you?
  Welcome to the area!  Dues do not transfer, as each club is dependant on the funds procured through membership dues to be sustainable.  If the $20 membership fees will be difficult for you, please do not hesitate to speak with any member of the board.  We are happy to work with you and make an arrangement to ensure that you have the support you need as you transition to a new area.

Q.  I am interested in joining a playgroup.  How does that work?
A.  Our playgroups are as diverse as our membership and we hope you'll get involved!  Simply email the Playgroup Coordinator and indicate that you are interested.  She will work with the existing groups to find a match that works for you and your children.  You are also welcome to create your own playgroup as you get to know the other members and their children.

Q.  What if my home is small and I don't feel I have room to host an event?
 You are able to limit the size of any event that you host.  When you give the program description, indicate that the event is open to X number of children rather than open to all.  Also, we encourage events outside of the home.  If you want to host a park day, lunch out or another event, we welcome it!