MOMS Club® of Waldorf NW, MD


Here are some of the Activities and Committees offered by the MOMS Club of Waldorf NW.  All activities and committees are run by members and are open to every member of the MOMS Club!  We are always looking for new moms to head up existing activities or bring new ideas to the table.
Birthday Celebrations: Birthdays are celebrated monthly at our Business Meeting for parents and children.

Book Club: This group meets informally every month to discuss the books we have been reading and to make recommendations.

Cooking Club: Meets monthly and is based around a theme that is decided by that month's host.  Each member cooks a dish to share.  Recipes are compiled for everyone.

Exercise Groups: A number of small, informal groups meet regularly to exercise.  We currently have members who walk the rail trail, are active in Jazzercize and who participate in group Pilates.

Field Trips: Multiple trips each month to children's museums, farms, indoor gyms, pools, libraries and kid-friendly restaraunts.

: A gathering for parents and children who have a spouse away on business or working late.

MOMS Night Out: A once-monthly event for parents only to socialize together in an informal, child-free setting.

Park Days: These are held once a month in spring and fall, but much more frequently in the summer.  Park days often include picnic lunches.

Play Groups: We have official play groups for infants and toddlers.  These groups meet weekly at members' homes and occasionally include fieldtrips.  We also offer play groups that allow one parent to drop the kids off each week.  This rotates among all parents in the play group, allowing each parent a few hours "off".  New play groups are always forming.

Service Projects: We frequently participate in community-based service projects such as raising money and walking for March of Dimes, holiday gift and food drives, and donations to local women's shelters.